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A: Any amount is available.
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A: Both distributors and end-user.
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Tolyltriazole News

The market quotation of Tolyltriazole

Tolyltriazole is a kind of white grain or powder. The chemical formula of it is C7H7N3. It can be processed into large flakes,small pieces of granular,columnar,fine granular and powder. The tolyltriazole is poorly soluble in water,but it can be soluble in some organic solvents ,such as :alcohol,benzene, toluene, chloroform and so on,and it’s also can be soluble in sig water. The tolyltriazole can be mixed with water, without toxic and pollution. It has good chemical stability and temperature tolerance. It still has good scale inhibition effect under the 200 ℃. The density of tolyltriazole is 1.273g/cm3,the melting point is 76-87℃,the boiling point is 210-212 °C,and the flashing point of it is 137.4°C.
It is mainly used as antirust and corrosion inhibitor for metals, and for antirust oil products, It also can be used as treating agent for recirculation water. People usually use it as the corrosion inhibitor of non-ferrous metals of copper and copper alloy ,and it also has the corrosion inhibition for black metal. It can form a very thin layer of membrane that can adsorption on the metal surface of tolyltriazole to protect copper and other metals from the corrosion of the atmospheric and harmful medium in water. It is also can be used as antifreeze for cars, antirust for photograph, stabilizer for macromolecular compound, growth regulator for plant, lubricant additive, and absorbents for ultraviolet ray and so on. And it also can be used in other branches of industry, such as: it can be used in the rust-proof oil. It is usually used as the vapor phase corrosion inhibitor for copper and copper alloy,lubricant additive,circulating water treatment agent and motor vehicle antifreeze fluid. This product is also can be used cooperatively with a variety of scale inhibitors ,germicide And Algicide agent, the corrosion effect is very well especially for closed cycle cooling water system.
Marker quotation:
Water is the human survival must be material. With the growth of population and the expansion of economic activity. Water crisis and water pollution has become a worldwide growing concern. How to save water and protect the water environment has become extremely challenging task. With the rapid development of industrial production, industrial water account for a very large proportion, and the amount of the cooling water also increases. It is likely to result in circulating cooling water system to produce a variety of problems. For that, we must add corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and biocide to the circulating water system in order to ensure stability of the system. And as the common water treatment chemicals, tolyltriazole is often used as copper corrosion inhibitor. Its application will achieve greater results with the development of technology.
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