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Tolyltriazole News

Quantun Chemical Properties of Biological Corrosion of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole

In general, the reason why the organic heterocyclic inhibitor has excellent corrosion performance, is due to the molecule of N, O, S and other heteroatom -containing lone pair of d -orbital electrons, ease of formation and a metal binding ligand bond, or metal provides electronic feedback to the hetero atom to form a coordinate bond, thereby forming a protective film on the metal surface.
Under neutral conditions , N (5) and N (8) as the main reactive sites BTA compound, additional O (11) at the carboxy alkyl ester derivative also has some activity , infer CBTAH-R (R = ME, BU, HE, OC) has better corrosion rate than the BTA. The presence of O (11) is inhibition performance BTA carboxy alkyl ester derivatives of the main reasons superior BTA. And CBTAH-ME molecule, due to the presence -COOCH3 groups to form a metal surface when adsorbed film steric hindrance increases, and greater than the pro- nuclear reactivity increases, resulting in the inhibition rate was slightly lower than BTA. For -COOR (R = BU, HE) group, its increase is greater than the nucleophilic reactivity is increased steric hindrance, so CBTAH-R (R = BU, HE) than the BTA has better corrosion performance. The three indicators CBTAH-OC exception, but has excellent corrosion properties, can be considered with a strong surface adsorption of copper caused.
Under acidic conditions, BTA and carboxyl alkyl ester derivatives of the protonated form. Under acidic conditions, considered protonated molecular analysis showed N (5) and N (8) is still reactive sites BTA compound, but CBTAH-ME and CBTAH-BU, only O (11) having a reactive, while CBTAH-HE and CBTAH-OC is basically lose reactive sites, infer BTA compound under acidic conditions to its low corrosion inhibition efficiency in neutral conditions.
Corrosion rate and the distribution coefficient and polarization BTA lgP Polar compounds have a good correlation with the increase of corrosion rate lgP and Polar increases, which indicated that this type of corrosion is mainly through the copper surface adsorption to influence the rate of corrosion.