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A: Any amount is available.
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The Introduction and Advantages of Rust Inhibitor

During the process of the production and transport of electronic parts, it is easy to rust, so it is necessary to use rust preventive oil forms a thin film on metal surface to prevent metal corrosion of chemicals. Rust is generated due to the action of oxygen and water in the metal surface mixture of oxides and hydroxides, the rust of ion is red, and the rust of copper is green, named Patina, and the rust of Aluminum and Zinc is named as white rust. It is hard for mechanical to contact with oxygen, moisture or other corrosive media in air in the process of operation and storage. These substances will occur on the metal surface electrochemical corrosion and rust, to prevent corrosion of the material must prevent contact with the metal above. Rust inhibitor belongs to a kind of anti-rust products, there are also anti-rust oil and rust-proof paper. And there are also some good products in rust inhibitor, such as Tolyltriazole TTA and 1,2,3-Benzotriazole BTA.
The advantages of rust inhibitor:
Loose rust: It can ease due to corrosion and easy twist of nuts, bolts and other thread connections, and make it easy to disassemble. It will be better using it before being installed.
Penetration: It contains special additives, can penetrate the internal rust, corrosion, grease and dirt and other objects, and make it easy to remove peeling ease.
Anti-rust: Left rust film on the surface of metal or other materials, rust up to 24 months.
Lubricating: It can penetrate cracks in parts need lubrication, which the average oil can not penetrate, can play the role of lubrication, and to prevent machine creaking.
Dehumidification: It can protect the marine equipment, outdoor equipment from corrosion, get rid of the moisture motor, and form a protective film, cut off moisture.
Clean: It has good lubrication property, can removed the water rust and dust on the surface of metal and so on, apply to pneumatic tools, engines and parts cleaning, maintenance, and to extend its service life.
It does not affect the rubber, painted surfaces, plastic fabric material.
Rust inhibitor has the functionality, can be used as rust remover, penetrating oil, rust inhibitors, cleaners and so on, and has long service life.