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A: Any amount is available.
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Organic Copper Corrosion Inhibitors

With the application of metallic copper and its alloys in various field and more widely, its corrosion and protection issues have received increasing attention and corrosion inhibitor is added to the medium to solve this problem with a simple and practical method. As copper is relatively stable physical and chemical properties, good thermal conductivety, corrosion resistance and strong material has been widely used in various aspects. Although copper chemically stable, in the harsh environment and in the long term corrosion problems must also be considered, otherwise it will give us the production and life hazard. Such as, 1998, in United States, because copper corrosion caused by elevated levels of copper ions in tap water rather than lead poisoning accidents, and thus protective equipement copper material is very important.
There are many ways to solve the problem of copper corrosion. In metallurgy, can improve the corrosion resistance by the alloy composition with other metals, such as adding mass fraction of 0.7% in copper tin that can significantly improve its corrosion resistance. The mechanism of it is more compact metal tin on the surface passivation film is formed to played a protective role. Various methods to add corrosion inhibitor medium most simple and practical. Inhibitor is a kind of a very small amount stored in corrosive media can significantly reduce the corrosion rate of the metal material, many types of organic corrosion inhibitor which is a very important class of inhibitors, using a wide range. Organic corrosion inhibitor developed earlier, initially with inhibition effect of extracts from natural substances as a corrosion inhibitor, it has been developed of several categories, especially heterocyclic compounds which contain oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and other elements better, commonly used azole, imidazole and other substances.