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Physical and Chemical Methods of Water Treatment Technology

Circulating water treatment technology is, after all, under the premise of controlling water quality objectives, guarantee stable and reliable operation of the system, reduce processing costs, improve concentration, water resources conservation, prevent secondary pollution emissions. At present, the treatment of circulating water system technology is primarily in the areas of physical and chemical methods.
Physical method of water treatment technology:
Phyisical water treatment technology has undergone strong magnetic, electrostatic, high frequency electromagnetic and radiofrequency treatment of four stages. At present, based on treatment technology of high-voltage electrostatic and magnetic conditions have gradually lost their competitive edge. High frequency electromagnetic and radio frequency technology became mainstream technology. RF-physical water treatment technology in circulating water treatment for central air conditioning and heating system at home and abroad has been widely used in the field.
Chemical method of water treatment technology:
Circulating water for chemical water treatment technology is accomplished by the addition of chemical products such as water quality stabilizer of circulating water system in the form of scaling, corrosion and Biofouling-breeding, among other issues. Circulating water treatment technology with chemical method is the development of big chemical fertilizer, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy equipment introduced and developed, mainly through the dosing device timing or accomplished by the addition of quantitative chemical to the circulating water with regular control of water quality problems of scaling, corrosion and Biofouling-breeding.
At present, the dynamics of surface water, groundwater and wastewater reuse water gradually applied to the circulating water system of water quality. Dynamic water quality and static quality of circulating water gave rise to contradictions between the requirements, better physico-chemical method of water treatment technology has solved this problem. On top of the physical method of static processing technique of circulating water, supplemented by dynamic chemical process solutions due to supply water, water fluctuations caused by circulating water quality problems of instability. The method is the development tendency of circulating water system in the area of governance in the future.