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The importance of using water treatment corrosion inhibitor

Water is the source of life, is the lifeblood of economic and social development. Issued early in 1977 March the UN water meeting: "water will become a profound social crisis soon after the crisis of petroleum, a crisis of water".
At present, with the rapid development of human society, production of the city population is increasing and the improvement of people's living standards, water consumption by an annual growth rate of 5%, at the moment, every 15 years, the total water is doubled. Therefore, there was a "water will become this century, world, country, regional disputes and the causes of the war" warning. Chinese total volume of 2.8 trillion cubic meters of water resources, ranking 4th in the world, accounting for 7% of the total water resources of the world.
Chinese per capita water resource capacity of 2,304 cubic metres per person, in the upper and lower limits of water shortage (3000~1000 cubic metres per person), continuous resource statistics in recent years at the World Bank ranks 82nd in 132 countries, countries belonging to the shortage of water resources. The uneven distribution of water resources is also in China, and is exacerbated due to water pollution and soil erosion, industry, agriculture and people's lives are not enough according to the current mode of development of water resources and the industrial economic losses due to inadequate water supply up to hundreds of millions of dollars a year, which greatly affect people's lives and industrial and agricultural production and the development of the national economy as a whole.
Due to the shortage of water resources is the most fundamental issue for most parts of China, water resource supply and demand fundamental approaches to conflict resolution is the water.
Says here that water saving is the generalized water saving, water conservation, water reuse and reuse of sewage in the three meanings.
1. Save water.
2. Improve the reuse of water.
3. Wastewater reuse and recycling.
Water treatment chemicals, occupies a very important position in the water treatment, and thus gained rapid development. Commonly used in water treatment corrosion inhibitors are: ATMP, HEDP, PBTCA, HPA, MBT, Tolyltriazole TTA, 1,2,3-Benzotriazole BTA and many other water treatment chemicals.
Water conservation and rational exploitation of water resources, water pollution has become a major issue in our country need to be resolved, occupies a special position in the national economy.