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The factors affecting the corrosion inhibition

1. The effect of the concentration:
1). The corrosion inhibition efficiency increases with the increased concentration of corrosion inhibitor.
2). The relationship between the inhibition efficiency and the concentration of the extremum.
3). The amount of corrosion inhibitor was inadequate, not only can not afford to the inhibitor but also will accelerate corrosion.
Such as: when the amount of the oxide inhibitor adding less, accelerated corrosion, localized corrosion occurs.
2. The effect of the temperature:
1). In the lower temperature range, the corrosion effect is good, at higher temperature, a significant reduction in the efficiency of the corrosion. The temperature is high, the adsorption decreased, increasing the surface area of the medium and the effect of the metal and increase the corrosion rate of metal. And when the temperature is high, the accelerated diffusion media, the electrolyte solution resistance decreases, increasing the rate of metal corrosion.
2). In a certain temperature range has little effect on the corrosion inhibitor efficiency.
3). Withing the increasing of the temperature, the inhibition efficiency is increased. Temperature is conducive to the formation of a protective film.
3. The effect of the flow velocity:
1). The flow velocity increases, the inhibition efficiency decreases even promote corrosion.
2). The flow velocity increases, it is easy for corrosion inhibitor spread, the inhibition efficiency increased.
3). The concentration of corrosion inhibitor is not the same, the effects of flow rate is different.
4). In some cased, the motion of the medium, which increased the efficiency of the corrosion inhibitor.
4. The effect of the metal materials:
The same kind of corrosion inhibitor had different effects on different metal materials, metal materials should be selected in different corrosion inhibitor of different.
5. The effect of the metal surface cleanliness and roughness:
1). The smooth surface to the concentration of inhibitor is smaller than the rough surface, the protective effect is better than on the rough surface.
2). Pollution and corrosion products not only consume corrosion inhibitor, but also hinder the corrosion inhibitor and metal surface contact, damage of corrosion inhibitors.