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The application of corrosion inhibitor

1. The application of neutral medium corrosion inhibitor
By adopting the technology of industrial circulating cooling water, improve the enrichment ratio of running water, can save a lot of industrial water. In the circulating cooling water, to avoid corrosion and fouling of equipment, often need to add water quality stabilizer. Chromate as savings effect of potassium dichromate and sodium dichromate in human and animal in vivo, have long-term harm to the human body, environmental protection on ten discharged refers to is the first passivation film type used in the circulating cooling water system corrosion inhibitor, corrosion and excellent performance, low cost. But because of the distance from the standard requirement does not exceed a strict, chromate corrosion inhibitors has decreased rapidly in the past often in near neutral solution was used as inhibitor of arsenate, stannate, due to high toxicity, use more and more restricted.
2. The application of corrosion inhibitor in protective engineering
This is the corrosion science and an important achievement of the development of surface engineering. The development and application of corrosion inhibitor in the chemical petroleum power machinery in the field of metal processing and transportation of nuclear energy and space, plays an extremely important role in nearly half a century, the variety of corrosion inhibitor has been further expand and improve quality.
3. The application of natural products containing amino acid corrosion inhibitor
Natural source material, low price, no pollution to environment and easy biodegradation, so people started natural product research and development production process is simple, low cost, non-toxic derived inhibitor. The main effective components of many natural products and extract of corrosion inhibitor for acid hydrolysis of rapeseed meal preparation, such as carbon steel pickling inhibitor, plant stem, leaf extract can also be used as corrosion inhibitor for pickling. In addition, making inhibitor using industrial by-products containing amino acid, can realize the waste to treasure. For example hair, feather equiangular protein as raw material, the production of cystine acid solution in the filtrate (wastewater), if the direct emissions, not only pollute the environment, but also a waste of resources.
4. The application of oligomer inhibitor
Organic synthesis technology makes it possible to synthesize a lot of new type structure of organic polymer, broaden the application of polymer in corrosion protection. Oligomer is refers to under 1500 molecular weight and molecular polymer length less than 500 nm, it has dissolved volatile can form such as crystal shape ability low poly model to the research and development of fine chemicals such as dyes, spices has become a hot spot.
5. The application of compound corrosion inhibitor
At present, due to the above defects of various series of corrosion inhibitor itself, make its application is limited by the, in order to obtain good corrosion effect, using the synergistic effect principle, compound has been widely used in water treatment corrosion inhibitor both at home and abroad to control the corrosion of the equipment.