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How To Use The Corrosion Inhibitor Properly?

        The correct use of corrosion inhibitor is mainly showed in the control of etch cleaning conditions. To make it clearer, it means we choose a suitable corrosion inhibitor according to their certain production crafts. In fact, etch cleaning technical index should change as per the corrosion inhibitor performance.
        For an example, when the operating conditions for etch cleaning are in 5% HCL 50 ℃, the corrosion inhibitor has 98%-99% corrosion inhibition rate for carbon steel pipe in 40-60℃, 4-7% HCL. To make sure the corrosion inhibition effect 98%-99%, the concentration of acid is not more than 7% with the temperature less than 60℃. In normal etch cleaning process; it is not difficult to meet the above requirement. However in the processes of matching acid and preheating, it is not easy to strictly operate as above required. It must take some necessary measures in the operating process. There is another point need to mention is that “not more than” is not only means the technical data of analysis, it also means all the whole etch cleaning system do not pass the specified technical index.
        Another important specification for the correctness use of corrosion inhibitor is the concentration. All the performances could show when the corrosion inhibitors reach a certain concentration. Therefore to assure the effects, we not only pay attention to the amount, we also need to know if the distribution is average. In general, the concentration of corrosion inhibitor is can’t be tested by chemical method. We could control the concentration by the method we add the corrosion inhibitor. The adding method of corrosion inhibitor is mainly depends on the choose corrosion inhibitor performance. It could be add into the water or concentrated acid or together with the acid. No matter which adding way, the adding speed must be formed a certain rate with the added acid. When all the boiler is filled with acid liquor, the corrosion inhibitor can distribute in etch cleaning system in average.