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Tolyltriazole News

Same class of antirusting agents as benzotriazole (BTA)

There are seven types antirusting agents like benzotriazole as below:
1. Nitrite diisopropylamine: Colorless crystalline solid, easily soluble in water and some organic solvents. It is in Alkaline. Vapor pressure is 0.0065mmHg at 21℃;melting point is 136℃.It has antirusting effect to steel, chromium, tin and Chrome/tin plated products, but it can accelerate the rusting of copper,which has contrary effect with benzotriazole BTA and Tolyltriazole TTA.
2. Dicyclohexylammonium nitrite: White crystalline, soluble in water, acetone, ethanol and carbinol. Vapor pressure is relative low with 0.0001mmHg at 20℃.It has good corrosion inhibitor effects on steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, nickel and chromium. But it has no effect on nonferrous metals like copper.
3. Phosphate cyclohexylamine: White powder with ammoniacal smell, easily soluble in water with strong Alkaline property. It has higher Vapor pressure with 0.4mmHg at 25℃.It has good anticorrosion effect to SO2, and suitable for steel antirusting use, but has no effect on copper and magnesium.
4. Benzotiazol(BTA) : White needle/ granular/flake. It is odorless and soluble in water and organic solvent.PH value: 5.5-6.5. Water solubility is 2% ,Solubility in methanol is 58%,solubility in ethanol is 31%,solubility in ethylene glycol is25%. Vapor pressure at 30℃ is 0.04mHg. Benzotiazol(BTA) is an excellent corrosion inhibitor for copper and its alloy.
5. Ethanolamine benzoate: White powder, soluble in water and ethanol. Vapor pressure at 30℃ is 0.0013mmHg.It is excellent corrosion inhibitor for steel, and it is mixed use with sodium nitrite, urea and naphthamine.
7. Urea: White crystalline or granular. It is odorless, non-toxic and tasteless, and usually mixed use with sodium nitrite, sodium benzoate. Urea can be used in steel, steel nitriding parts, Steel blue parts, and also has certain protecting effects on aluminum.
8. Naphthamine: White or slight yellow crystalline powder, soluble in water and ethanol .It is steel corrosion inhibitor, but it need to be used with other corrosion inhibitors.