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The problems faced by cycle cooling water system in daily operation

1. Equipment scaling,Hinder heat transfer,energy consumption increased,production load reduced
Equipment scaling: It refers to the inorganics dissolved or suspended in water finally deposit in the surface of metal surface.
Cooling water contain richly unstable salts such as calcium bicarbonate. In the heat exchange tube wall and heating to exchange into calcium carbonate, which can deposit in the tube wall orderly. The heat transfer rate is only about 1% of carbon steel. That means the hard scale is about 0.5mm, then the heat exchange tube wall will increase about 50mm, which severely prevent the normal operation of heat transfer, largely increase the energy consumption, and has a bad effect on the production.
2. Breeding sticky mud soft scale, hinder heat transfer, Speed up the equipment corrosion.
Hinder heat transfer: The grume caused by Microbial breeding and metabolismmixed with the suspended matter and Microbial bodies to cling to the equipment walls. Later it will form a layer of sacle, which is also called soft scale. The soft scale stick in tube wall is poor electric conductor. It results in apparently decrease of heat transfer effect and finally affect the production.
3. Equipment corrosion, shorted the life-span of equipments
Corrosion: Corrosion means the phenomenon that the metal been consumed and broken by chemical reaction.
In circulating water system ,the main corrosion type is caused by chemical andelectrochemical reaction .This type corrosion not only can shorten the equipments of circulating water system, it also can result the equipments poled .What is worse, it may result the production stopped for medium leakage. In addition, the rust lutetium caused by corrosion can also results in the low heat transfer rate and Pipeline jam.