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The application of corrosion inhibitor in oil field production

With the development of oil field production, corrosion inhibitor has wider and wider applications. From the Oil well acidizing to oil-gas gathering and transportation and waste water reinjection ,all the above process need the corrosion inhibitor. The research of corrosion inhibitor also has advanced a great step. From Single component type to multicomponent synergistic effect type; From general type to environment friendly type; A good corrosion inhibitor should meet the requirement of high efficiency, low toxicity, stability, small foam emulsion tendency, good compatibility with other treatment, Water soluble, aqueous dispersion and formation harmlessness.
1. The working mechanism and types of corrosion inhibitor
Corrosion inhibitor can prevent the corrosion of metals. Different components have different working mechanisms.
1.1 Adsorption film type corrosion inhibitor
Adsorption film type corrosion inhibitorcontain nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), and sulphur(S) elements. These elements can enter the metal structure of the empty track formation ligand, and form molecules adsorbed layer to restrain the corrosion of metals.

The main types of Adsorption film type corrosion inhibitor with N element include alkylamine, tetrahydroglyoxaline and pyridine. The main types of Adsorption film type corrosion inhibitor with sulphur(S) element include mercaptan and all kinds of thioketone. The main types of Adsorption film type corrosion inhibitor with oxygen (O) element include formaldehyde and acrolein. There are some other corrosion inhibitors which including S and N, S and O,S,O and N.

1.2 Intermediate phase type corrosion inhibitor
Intermediate phase type corrosion inhibitor works through Intermediate phase formation. The main type is alkynol. The characteristics of molecular structure are Three key in the number one of carbon chain, hydroxyl in the third one of carbon chain. For these characteristics alkynol can form the Intermediate phase in the surface of acid medium and metal by steps alkynol- enol- Conjugate alkene- Intermediate phase. The Intermediate phase of alkynol also include the corrosion inhibit of alkynol adsorption in the metal surface.

1.3 Oxide film type corrosion inhibitor
This type of corrosion inhibitor works through oxidation to form a film to prevent the corrosion. The film can prevent the passivation of anodic metal .Therefore this type corrosion inhibitor also called Passivation film type corrosion inhibitor.