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The Uses Of Corrosion Inhibitor

        Corrosion inhibitor exists in medium with certain concentration ratio; it can prevent or slow down the corrosion process. The usage of Corrosion inhibitor is very small (0.1%-1%), but it has a remarkable effects. The way to protect metals called corrosion protection. Corrosion inhibitor is used in neutral medium(boiler water, circulating cooling water), acid medium(hydrochloric acid for boiler incrustation) and air medium(volatile corrosion inhibitors).
1. Passivator:
        Passivator usually refers to strong oxidants of Inorganic (chromate, nitrate, molybdate and so on. They are used to make the corrosion mediums have stronger oxidability, to make the metal surface remain a competed oxidation film.
2. Organic corrosion inhibitor
        It includes pickling inhibitor and corrosion inhibiting grease. The steel pickling is a necessary pre-processing to remove the oxidants of metal surface. But in this process, the metal also will be corroded. In order to reduce corrosion of metal, we usually add the corrosion inhibitor in the pickling process. This kind of corrosion inhibitor includes ortho toluene thiourea, propyl sulfide, formaldehyde, contrapuntal sulfur cresol and so on. Working mechanism: corrosion inhibitor is adsorbed in the steel surface to inhibit the corrosion of electrode reaction caused by steel pickling. Some corrosion inhibitor can increase the overvoltage of hydrogen to inhibit the cathodic reaction of Hydrogen ions reduction; some corrosion inhibitors can inhibit the reaction of Iron oxide to bivalent iron ion. But generally speaking, corrosion inhibitor can slow the cathode and anode reaction to largely reduce the steel corrosion rate.
3. Volatile corrosion inhibitors:
        Volatile corrosion inhibitors are volatilized with low vapor pressure, and its vapor also has the corrosion inhibitor function. It is mainly used as the corrosion inhibitor in machine spare parts. The most efficient volatile corrosion inhibitor is Dicyclohexylamine nitrite.
        Copper corrosion Inhibitor has Benzotriazole BTA, Tolyltriazole TTA, and Mercaptobenzothiazole MBT.
        They are good corrosion inhibitor for their remarkable effect on recirculating cooling water system. They are mainly used as anti-blushing agent,Automotive cooling liquid and lubricant additive.