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A: Any amount is available.
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Tolyltriazole News

Anti-Scaling Corrosion Inhibitors

        Anti-scaling corrosion inhibitors usually composed by Organic phosphate,dispersing agent,and corrosion inhibitor.
        Organic phosphate usually has Nitrilotrimethylene Triphosphonic Acid (ATMP), Hydroxyethylidene-1,1-diphosphonic acid(HEDP), etidronic acid(HPDP), Ethylenediamine Tetramethylenephosphonic acid (EDTMP), Diethylenetriaminepenta acid (DTPMP), 2-Phosphonobutane -1,2,4-Tricarboxylic Acid (PBTC), Hydroxyphosphono-acetic acid (HPA),Copolymer of Phosphono and carboxylic Acid (PCA) and Ethane-1-amino-1,1-diphosphonicacid (AEDP).
        Dispersing agent including Poly Acrylic Acid (PAA), Copolymer of Maleic and Acylic Acid (AA-MA), Polymaleic anhydride (PMA),copolymer of acrylic acid and sulfoacid(AA-SA), copolymer of maleic acid and sulfoacid(MA-SA), copolymer of acrylic acid and acrylamide(AA-MA), alkyl epoxy carboxylic acid(AEC) and Styrene sulfonic acid-acrylic acid(SSA-AA).
        Corrosion inhibitors mainly include Benzotriazole BTA and Tolyltriazole TTA. From their effects on anti corrosion, there is no much difference. BTA and TTA are mainly used as corrosion inhibitor for metals and antirust oil product and treating agent for recirculating water. Benzotriazole and tolyltriazole can also be used as antifreezer for cars, antirust for photograph, stabilizer for macromolecular compound, growth regulator for plant, lubricant additive, absorbant for ultraviolet ray, etc.
        Mercaptobenzothiazole MBT is a hemi-ultra accelerator, extensively used in vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubbers, rubber tire, rubber belts, rubber shoes and other technical rubber goods.
        Anti-scaling corrosion inhibitors could use one or two kinds of Organic phosphate. Lots of experiments show that the combined use of several Organic phosphates has better effect than one kind Organic phosphate. The combination could be as below: ATMP+HEDP/HPA+EDTMP/ATMP+HEDP+PBTC and so on. They can be used together with many kinds of scale inhibitors and bactericide and algaecide, showing excellent anticorrosion effect in close recirculated cooling water system.